Core Values

Focus.  We believe that collective action provides a productive and fun outlet through which students can focus their energy, and we seek to support organizations that are optimistic about the potential societal benefits provided by fostering collaborative skills among students.

Unity.  We strive to create a more cohesive Charlottesville community by encouraging collaboration not only between Charlottesville students, but organizations as well.

Teamwork.  We seek to support organizations that instill in youth an appreciation for the importance of cooperation in problem solving.

Understanding.  We seek to promote the ability of youth to understand and accept differences among their peers and to be able to work alongside those with different cultures, habits, and values.

Relationships.  We hope to contribute not only to the establishment of skills in teamwork and cooperation, but also to long-lasting relationships between the students that these organizations engage.

Energy.  We seek to promote excitement and energetic activity.  We recognize that youth are still youth, and that in addition to promoting team-building skills and collaboration, these programs should be fun!


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